Journey Planner

Scroll to your starting point and tap to select

The Select Destination page will appear as soon as you tap a starting point

Scroll to your destination and tap to select

The Journey Details page will appear

- The distance, time and number of locks to transit will be displayed

- a journey starting or finishing at a lock does not include that lock in 'locks to transit'

Distances are actual sailing distances and times are given for sailing at the River Thames maximum speed (5 mph or 8 kph) and for the narrow boat typical speed (3 mph or 5 kph)- excessive speed generates undue wash and can cause damage to the banks - moderate your speed when near locks or when swimmers or unpowered craft are nearby

Note: timings are calculated based on 'speed over the river bed' (as displayed by GPS devices) not 'speed through the water' (as displayed by the paddle-wheel type of device); your starting point is remembered


Thames planner