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Journey Planner

Rather than show all 102 locations available in the Thames Planner, you can select one or more sections by tapping the appropriate button.

You might prefer to open the Journey Planner with just a subset in view (you can open or close any set simply by tapping the relevant button)

To view only some destinations when the Journey Planer starts, select those sections wanted below then tap ‘Save’

Sections to open with
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Journey Planner

Open the relevant river section(s) by tapping the green button(s)

Scroll to your starting point and tap to select

The Select Destination page will appear as soon as you tap a starting point

Scroll to your destination and tap to select

The Journey Details page will appear

- The distance, time and number of locks to transit will be displayed

- a journey starting or finishing at a lock does not include that lock in 'locks to transit'

Distances are actual sailing distances and times are given for sailing at the River Thames maximum speed (5 mph or 8 kph) and at 4 mph, 3 mph 2 mph and 1 mph (all shown in mph and kph)- excessive speed generates undue wash and can cause damage to the banks - moderate your speed when near locks or when swimmers or unpowered craft are nearby

Note: timings are calculated based on 'speed over the river bed' (as displayed by GPS devices) not 'speed through the water' (as displayed by the paddle-wheel type of device).

For an explanation of the facilities codes, tap the ? at the bottom of the screen.

Close Wey planner

Facilities' codes:

WC: toilets

W: water (tap only)

WH: water hose

S: showers

M: moorings

PO: pump out

CD: chemical toilet disposal

R: rubbish disposal

RC: recycling facilities

E: charging point

C: camping

may be chargeable

check for opening times

Tap outside to close