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Using the shortcut

Tap or ask 'Hey Siri, Non-tidal Thames'

First Run

Select the river section you are interested in.

Select Stretch

Choose the stretch for which you want conditions.

Set Default

if you want to bypass the stretch selection in future, click 'Yes'.


How the Warnings are shown



Add a widget to Home screen or Today view


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Right click the Non-Tidal thames shortcut in your Shortcuts app and select 'Add to Dock'.


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Add Widget to Today screen

On your iPhone or iPad, swipe fully right, click 'Edit', click +, scroll to Shortcuts and click, select Widget size then 'Add Widget', click 'Done'; long press the new Widget, click 'Edit Widget', select Non-Tidal Thames.


Add to Widget group

Long press the Widget group, click 'Edit Widget, select Non-Tidal Thames..



Don't forget the free River Thames Guide app

The complete guide to leisure activities on the River Thames and Wey Navigation

Interactive Map

Overlay the map with locks, bridges, marinas, camping, pubs, fishing and more

Journey Planner

Sailing distance and number of locks to transit between any pair of over 100 locations

Locks Info

Post code, length, drop, width, type, history and more for every lock


Current conditions for River Thames and Wey Navigation (but shortcut above is easier to use)

Bridge Clearances

Expected height between water and underside of each bridge

River Draught

Available depth under your keel in the central part of the river (the fairway)

and much more...

Get the full app details here


Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Shortcut, like the companion app River Thames Guide is free to download and use and does not contain any ads

Yes, the information regarding current conditions is parsed, in real time, from the EA web site

Shortcuts are designed to be intrinsically safe and cannot access any personal data; additionally, you will be asked for explicit permission to download info from the EA web site

Unlike conventional apps, Shortcuts content can be viewed in detail and modified if you wish (however, you do so at your own risk!!)


Reset the Shortcut

Changing the default stretch

If you have previously selected 'yes' to set the default river stretch when the shortcut is run and would now like to choose a different default stretch or keep the option to select a stretch on every run, just follow this simple procedure: navigate on any Apple device to 'iCloud Drive/Shortcuts' and simply delete the file named RTGStretch.json.