The draughts given are to be expected in the middle third of the river (also known as the 'fairway'). Draught is the expected depth of water.
For headway (clearance between water and bridges) see Bridges.
Lechlade to Oxford
0.9 metres
3 ft 0 ins
Oxford to Reading
1.2 metres
4 ft 0 ins
Reading to Windsor
1.3 metres
4 ft 6 ins
Windsor to Staines
1.7 metres
5 ft 6 ins
Staines to Teddington
2.9 metres
6 ft 6 ins
Below Teddington
Tide dependent
Wey Navigation
0.9 metres
3 ft 0 ins

For buoys, passing rules and more see 'Navigation Aids' in Advice.

River Draught

The 'timeline' gives the nominal depth of the navigation channel (as defined by the Environment Agency for the non-tidal Thames)

The difference between the nominal depth and the draft of your vessel is the clearance under your keel.

Notwithstanding the nominal depths, it is advisable to use some form of depth gauge to ensure you do not run aground.